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Building Strong Communities

In 1872, Mother Mary Odilia Berger and her companions arrived in St. Louis, Mo., answering a call to serve God’s people. Finding themselves in the midst of a devastating smallpox epidemic, they visited the sick in their homes, bringing food, medicine and supplies to ease the suffering they encountered.

Generations later, the stories of these women of faith continue to inspire us at SSM Health. We continue the ministry they began by seeking to better understand the needs of the communities we serve and using our resources and expertise to better provide comprehensive care for every person, with a focus on reaching out to the many who even today have difficulty accessing the services they need.

In 2019, SSM Health’s community benefit ministry totaled $425,714,092 across the four states we serve. This investment helps ensure access to health care for patients who are uninsured or underinsured, train the next generation of health professionals to care for those in need, and fund programs to address the most pressing health needs of our communities.

Communities We Serve

Guided by our Mission - Through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of God - we cherish the sacredness and dignity of each person as demonstrated through our values of compassion, respect, excellence, stewardship and community. Find out more by reading our current or historical Community Health Needs Assesment reports.

System Community Benefit Overview

Each year, SSM Health reinvests in our communities through charity care, medical education and research, as well as contributions to community health improvement services. Based on findings from Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) conducted in each of our communities, we work together with government agencies, charitable foundations, and other local organizations to provide a safety net, helping people access preventative care, investing in critical services, and bringing hope to individuals in difficult times.

In 2019, SSM Health invested more than $425 million in programs and services that have improved the health of our communities. That’s a community benefit equal to 6.4 percent of our system’s total annual revenues*. Download the 2019 SSM Health Community Benefit Report.

*This number is percentage of NPSR + premium revenue.

2019 System Community Benefit by the Numbers



Uncompensated Care


Education and Research


Subsidized Health Services


Community Benefit Activities and Programs


Community Building


**Total includes $3,729,776 from SSM Health Business Services and System Office.

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