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Better Healthcare for Your Business

SSM Health Preferred Network is a collaborative direct-to-employer product designed to provide your business with better care and lower costs. Backed by the nationally recognized quality and safety of SSM Health, we’re built to serve employers of all sizes across the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Whether you have five employees or 5,000+, this innovative offering will reduce your healthcare spend and improve the health and wellbeing of your staff.

“If you’re an employer, the opportunity to improve your employees’ health while lowering overall costs is now a very practical and achievable goal. The exceptional care that SSM Health offers is available to you in a brand-new way. Our SSM Health Preferred Network puts the safety and quality of SSM Health’s clinicians at your fingertips. Whatever the size of your company – from 4-5 employees to 4,000-5,000+ – this new program saves money for your company and your employees, and keeps their care local and personalized in your own community. SSM Health provides care you can count on.”

- Candace Jennings, SSM Health Regional President

Why Should You Choose SSM Health Preferred Network?

Utilizing the SSM Health Preferred Network, you will have access to the entire network of SSM providers and facilities at best-in-class pricing. Employees will also enjoy significant savings through lower co-pays and reduced deductibles.

Members will have access to all SSM Health facilities and providers in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area. If care is needed outside the SSM network, comprehensive benefits still apply and emergency care is always covered at in network benefits. This collaboration keeps care local while reducing costs and benefiting the communities we serve.

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We have created solutions for small, medium and large employers. There are multiple ACA compliant plan designs available to help employers on a PPO and EPO basis. If interested, you or your broker can contact one of our approved TPA’s to begin the process of getting a quote. If you'd like to talk to someone at SSM Health about this network offer, please contact the SSM Health Preferred Network team.

Cerner Health Plan Services

CHPS (Cerner Health Plan Services)/Cielostar

Number of Employees: 5+
Year Founded: 2007
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Group Benefit Services

GBS (Group Benefit Services)

Number of Employees: 25+
Year Founded: 1992
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Professional Benefit Administrators

PBA (Professional Benefit Administrators)

Number of Employees: 125+
Year Founded: 1985
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